About Us

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Global Context

Globally, the blue economy is expected to double to an estimated 3 trillion dollars by 2030, in a business-as-usual forecast. Alaska’s importance is undeniable, with the state producing 60% of the United States’ seafood and possessing well over half of the nation’s coastline and potential ocean energy resources.

Mission & Values

Alaska Ocean Cluster promotes and grows Alaska’s ocean economy by leveraging existing strengths while supporting innovation and emerging opportunities to diversify our economy, for the benefit of Alaskans.

  • Results Oriented: Creating investable opportunities.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: Cultivating partnerships with private industry, academia, non-profits, and public entities who will work together on shared outcomes.
  • Stewardship: Providing leadership support as the coordinating body for the participating entities.
  • Inclusivity: Ensuring our practices and decision-making processes are inclusive of multiple generations across different socioeconomic and educational attainment levels, industries, and rural and urban communities.

Ocean Clusters

There are more than 50 blue growth initiatives underway around the world and clusters are the engines behind these economic development strategies. The cluster concept involves a coalition of private, public and academic stakeholders, forming around a base industry, and, in the process supporting both the industry and each other through economic transactions and circulated assets.

Uniquely Alaskan

While the Blue Economy is a global movement, BSFA has taken the best of other cluster models localizing it to the unique needs and talents of Alaskans. It is time we view the ocean as part of our long-term economic identity. Alaska Ocean Cluster is designed to inspire transformational ideas, strategically develop and fully utilize our unique Alaskan resources, advance existing services and industries, and create new opportunities linking our communities and culture.”

Karen Gillis, Executive Director, Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association

Alaska's Blue Sectors

What We Do

Venn Diagram - Blue Economy, Blue Growth Strategy, Maritime Cluster


Alaska Ocean Cluster’s “Full Stack” model provides engagement opportunities for all Alaskans, from grassroots to high-level decision-makers:

  • Ocean Tuesday is a virtual platform to connect entrepreneurs, industry, academia, nonprofits, and policymakers across the state to collaborate and share ideas;
  • Ocean Technology Innovation Sprint is a 3-week innovation bootcamp;
  • Blue Storm is a workshop that gathers business, academic and government leaders in coastal communities to connect and gain a deeper understanding of challenges and opportunities in the local or regional blue economy;
  • Blue Pipeline is a 7-month business incubator designed to grow existing blue economy businesses.


Alaska Ocean Cluster works to eliminate bottlenecks for businesses that are considering new ideas or testing innovative models in emerging markets. By leveraging an Alaska-based network and international experts from our global ocean partners, The Ocean Cluster expedites development of new regulatory pathways, creation of vibrant campaigns, launch of innovative new products and formation of startup companies.

Information Exchange

In less than 2 years, Alaska Ocean Cluster has emerged as the go-to blue economy information exchange, producing the most relevant real-time information on ocean economy endeavors across Alaska and around the world. This communication strategy successfully identifies business development opportunities, as well as gauging the ocean-related interests of Alaskans.

How Can You Engage?

Expand Partnerships

Are there businesses that would benefit from an expanded network to highlight their contributions within Alaska’s ocean economy? Connect them with us!

Invite Alaska Ocean Cluster to Educate

Invite us to speak at your event or meeting to present the spectrum of ocean-related opportunities in Alaska and around the globe.

Support the Ocean Economy Conversation

Lead or support blue economy legislation and economic development strategies in session or committee. Highlight opportunities to grow emerging and established ocean-based sectors in Alaska, diversify the state’s economy and advance Alaska’s competitive edge in the national and global markets