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Building blue businesses in Alaska

Seward is the first Alaska community to work with the Alaska Ocean Cluster to jump and grow ocean-based businesses. A first cohort of four early-stage businesses that signed up with the cluster’s Blue Pipeline Incubator last October has so far attracted $1.6 million on an investment goal of $2.3 million, ten times more than anticipated.

AOC and IOC sign collaborative MOU

The Alaska Ocean Cluster (AOC) and Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) have signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at promoting collaboration between the two bodies.

The Need for a ‘Blue Economy’ in Alaska and Northern Norway

Efforts at economic development in ocean and coastal regions are more and more taking place within an evolving concept called the ‘blue economy’ – an economy that embraces all ocean-dependent activities. Basically, blue economy means connecting economic uses of the ocean with sustainable ecosystems and environmental conditions to benefit local communities.

Ideas from the Ocean Technology Innovation Sprint

Using robots and bioengineered bacteria to refurbish old fishing boats took top honors at the recent Ocean Technology Innovation Sprint (OTIS) at the Loussac Library in Anchorage. The Google-inspired sprint concept, hosted by the Alaska Ocean Cluster, brings entrepreneurs together to create prototype solutions to challenges of their choice within a set time.

Blue Economy is Future of Alaska Economy

Ask experts in the area and they’ll tell you: the blue economy is the future of Alaska’s economic stability. Long an exporter of raw goods and natural resources, Alaska must transition from that exportation to the development of sustainable ocean businesses if the state has any hope for future economic growth.