Blue Pipeline

Take the Next Step Towards a Blue Future

Blue Pipeline

The purpose of BPI is to cultivate and grow scalable, innovative ocean-related businesses in Alaska. The goal of BPI is to increase the capacity and resiliency of the Alaskan economy specifically in coastal communities. BPI is designed to build greater market share, increased revenues, expanded workforce, and export potential of marine-based companies. The graduating entrepreneurs will have the skills, knowledge, and networks to meet their growth and sales goals and to build successful, sustainable and scalable ventures.

Why Seward, Alaska?

The pilot program is based in the thriving coastal community of Seward, Alaska. The northernmost ice-free port with road and rail, Seward is just a two-hour drive from Anchorage and offers a thriving and diversified maritime economy with world-class research, facilities and private businesses. The BPI Seward Manager will support each incubatee as well as provide business advising services on behalf of the Alaska Small Business Development Center. BPI is primarily virtual to start and plans to grow into a physical incubator with time and resources. The first BPI is located in Seward and AOC has plans for additional incubators coming online in other coastal communities.

Want to Participate?

BPI accepts applications on a rolling basis. If you are interested in participating, contact us for more information about the application and whether your work would be a good fit.