Foraged & Found

Foraged & Found
Seaweed / Mariculture

About the company

Foraged & Found was founded in 2017 by Jenn Brown, a former private chef who cooked onboard tourism yachts that traveled along the Alaskan Inside Passage. She was immediately astounded by the majestic, awe-insipring unspoiled Alaskan wilderness. Exploring the natural richness ofevery waterway and forest resulted in unique and incredible culinary discoveries-from fish and edible aquatic plants to berries, veggies, and mushrooms-that she had never seen before. With a desire to share these newfound secrets with the world, she put her expertise to work developing delicious, familiar food products like salsas, pickles, and sauces, with wild-foraged Alaskan superfood ingredients like bull kelp and sea asparagus. Jenn's passion to showcase these foods, while also protecting and maintaining the splendor of the environment, has given rise to a meaningful mission.