Ocean Cluster House

Group of researchers gathered around table in lively discussion.

The Alaska Ocean Cluster House (House) plan is an amalgamation of standard office space boosted by an Innovation Center. We’ll offer an establishment where invention propels innovation, density spurs collaboration, and a shared purpose results in a thriving community.

The House will provide both custom office space for lease, private offices, and open workspace, with shared meeting rooms, access to technology, common spaces, etc. The House will focus mainly on ocean-related companies while incorporating companies which may add to the seafood value line, such as research, marketing, product design, supporting services, etc.

Weekly informal networking, state of the art shared wet lab space, a community of entrepreneurs focused on positive impact, and civic innovation space are some of the important elements that we aspire to unite.

We look forward to an age of growth and transformation and the House will provide a place from which to work, allowing innovators to easily access resources and create positive impacts.

We work with powerful partners to develop the critical networks that entrepreneurs need to grow effectively. We focus on strengthening our vibrant ocean communities, building collaborative work environments, and creating impactful programming to attract and support the very best businesses, entrepreneurs and their teams.

The House will be known for fostering collaboration and promoting learning. The success of cluster houses in other areas of the nation and world indicates an opportunity for the Alaska ocean industry to strengthen itself through the stronghold of unity and cooperation through the utilization of the House.

Our tenants will impact our economy, create gainful and rewarding employment opportunities, and frequently crack tough problems. As we weave together a variety of elements to help build and strengthen the local innovation ecosystem, we invite you to consider the opportunity to reside in the House. If you are interested in becoming a tenant, at any time in the near or far future, please drop us a line and let us know what you might require and we’ll let you know when space becomes available. Please fill out the form below and we’ll add you to our list of potential tenants.

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